Compare SwapNeat Photo Share to online photo sharing sites

SwapNeat Photo Share is made to take the effort out of sharing photos at events or parties. Everyone who shares their photos also gets all the photos shared by others.

All your guests have to do is take photos with their cameras and insert their memory cards into the computer. SwapNeat Photo Share takes care of the rest.

SwapNeat Photo Share has a lot of advantages over online photo sharing sites.

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Compare these requirementsOnline Photo Sharing Sites
no storage limitsyou can share as much as you wantusually costs extra
no ongoing feeslow one-time fee. Use it over and over.the best sites have fees
privateeverything is shared between party attendees onlyif it’s online, there’s risk of privacy breaches
no internet connection required...after you download and buy your activation key, of courseif it’s online, there’s an Internet connection required
no bandwidth usedno files are uploaded and downloaded, so no bandwidth is usedUploading photos may cost you money in bandwidth usage charges
full-size photosyou can choose full-size photos in addition to photos scaled to fit your cameralots of photo sharing sites shrink your photos
doesn't strip metadataSwapNeat products respect metadata and copyright informationalmost all photo sharing sites strip metadata
no passwords to remember...except for your computer login, of courseif you want to keep your photos private, you and your guests need to remember a password
no advertisingno ads on gallery pages, no ads while using the programfree sites make their money from advertising
fastSwapNeat Photo Share takes care of everything, fastuploading photos to websites isn’t as fast as copying to a memory card
funSwapNeat Photo Share will amaze and amuse your guestsorganizing photos to upload is tedious, not fun.

Ok, so SwapNeat Photo Share is faster, easier, and just plain BETTER than online photo sharing sites, but how does it work? Check these easy step-by-step instructions to find out.